Hannah Glasse – a Google Doodle

Why do the Sun and the Independent newspapers in the UK both write about the importance of Hannah Glasse, author of First Catch Your Hare – The Art of Cookery? Because Google chose her as their front page Doodle yesterday. The Sun calls her a Domestic Goddess, a phrase usually reserved only for Nigella Lawson. They celebrate the 972 recipes she wrote down, covering the first Yorkshire Puddings as well as the expected pies and jellies that were eaten most days in England, three hundred years ago. So, we celebrate Hannah Glasse as well, and hope her recipes live on for many more years.hannah-glasse google



Jane McMorland Hunter with a copy of the brand new Cherries & Mulberries

Here is Jane picking up author copies of her new book, which looks very pretty. Jane cycles all around London, in particular to Hatchards, Piccadilly, where she works selling books on the shop floor and writing their sumptuous catalogues. I thought it best if she takes off the cautionary vest on arrival otherwise people may get the wrong idea.

A Persian Cookbook – in the making

I have been cooking a lot of Persian food, as we near the printing of the sixteenth century book by Bavarchi, A Persian Cookbook. I decided we could have colour photographs, and my friend Nadia Mackenzie who is a professional (http://www.nadiamackenzie.com) came to our house, and we set up a studio in the small living room.

I thoroughly enjoyed the cooking, and can now ‘throw’ rice into stock with meat and vegetables slow cooked, ‘throw’ spinach leaves on the top, with currants and almonds, with gay abandon.

I substituted filo pastry for thin breads to make baklava, and the filling of lentils from a can, flavoured with pistachio, honey and rose petals was soft and soothing. With the small sweet samosas, I made a soft dough with white flour and rose water, and it gently rose, and was then filled with brown sugar, nuts and spices. Great fun, cheap, mainly one pot cooking and hardly any fat.

Alfred Hitchcock & the Making of Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock & the Making of Psycho

Cover of the film tie in edition produced with Fox Searchlight

When this book, a steady seller on film courses, was slated for production as a major film feature, starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, Fox Searchlight contacted Marion Boyars Publishers. Working together, they produced a film tie-in edition, and it was offered in a major national newspaper, the Telegraph. This free book, in exchange for a coupon  via the supermarket Morrisons, helped the visibility of the book, which sold through Waterstone’s and WH Smith Travel, while the film was on in cinemas throughout the UK.