A Persian Cookbook – in the making

I have been cooking a lot of Persian food, as we near the printing of the sixteenth century book by Bavarchi, A Persian Cookbook. I decided we could have colour photographs, and my friend Nadia Mackenzie who is a professional (http://www.nadiamackenzie.com) came to our house, and we set up a studio in the small living room.

I thoroughly enjoyed the cooking, and can now ‘throw’ rice into stock with meat and vegetables slow cooked, ‘throw’ spinach leaves on the top, with currants and almonds, with gay abandon.

I substituted filo pastry for thin breads to make baklava, and the filling of lentils from a can, flavoured with pistachio, honey and rose petals was soft and soothing. With the small sweet samosas, I made a soft dough with white flour and rose water, and it gently rose, and was then filled with brown sugar, nuts and spices. Great fun, cheap, mainly one pot cooking and hardly any fat.


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